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Au Pair Placement in Australia

Host Family Testimonials

The only regret I have about getting an au pair is that I didn't do it sooner! It's a no-brainer financially and practically. Especially if your husband travels regularly, as mine does. I have no idea how I managed before. What sets Au Pair Care Australia from other agencies is the thoughtful matching process, we got our perfect match from day 1. Also their focus on safety as they give Au Pairs first aid training which is a huge bonus. And their professionalism and accessibility – Michelle and Kristy are always available not only in sourcing an Au Pair but throughout the placement. They get my highest recommendation! 

Justine – Malvern VIC



Hi Michelle & Kristy,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say a big thank you for finding Tiina for us!  We are very impressed and are so grateful she’s a part of our family.  She’s fantastic with the boys and her dedication to assisting with their care is exceptional.

We can’t thank you enough! :-)

It’s only been a month, but I know we are going to miss her very much when her time comes to leave.

Warm Regards,

Nicole – Noosa QLD



Over the past 5 years my husband and I have been lucky enough to have 8 Au Pairs, from Germany, Italy and the UK. By having the Au Pairs living in our home has given us the flexibility to work in our corporate jobs with lots of travelling and social activity. We have found that all of our Au Pairs that we have had have been amazing, our twin boys have always built such an amazing bond with them and it is a sad farewell but knowing we have made life time friendships with them.

Julie – Neutral Bay

The team at Au Pair Care Australia have helped us 5 times find a perfect fit for our family. They understand the differing needs of each family and the wishes of a young person wanting to spend an extended time in Australia. Full of helpful advice and much care taken to find suitable matches for families and Au Pairs.

Clare – Melbourne 2018 – current



Michelle and her team have always been such a big support for us as a host family. Always being so patient and considerate and definitely solving every problem with their unending support. We highly recommend au pair care Australia. Thankyou very much Michelle with all our heart

Andalib - Victoria


Au Pair Testimonials

Michelle helped me find a perfect family to work with her support has guided me throughout the process of my placement. The family I work with are a happy, loving, caring family and enjoy having fun and being social. They make me feel like a part of the family, they respect me and include me in social events. I would like to thank Michelle for everything from the friendly smile to the amazing support. Thank you so much!

Abbey - UK

I used Au Pair Care Australia agency to work as an Au Pair for four and a half months, and I strongly suggest you to work with them if you want to do this job.


The agency is managed by two very welcoming Australian women, Kristy and Michelle, for who your well being is very important. Whether you want to work as Au Pair to improve your English, live the Australian 'way of life' or earn some money to continue your trip, they will find the family for your goals and wishes. They follow you throughout your work and are also very close with the host families. Don't hesitate to contact them before arriving in Australia because they will take care of you from your arrival at the airport.


In my case, I came to Australia to improve my English and to travel. I was placed in a wonderful family in Melbourne. With 3 children of 12, 14 and 17 years old, I could practice my English and learn a lot about the Australian lifestyle and culture. I had a very great time with them and I will never forget this unique experience. I also found second job when the children were at school. This contributed to my travel fund for a holiday at the end of my employment as an au pair. 


The families are selected just like you to be part of the program. So you have no risk of being part of the very bad experiences that you can read on internet. 


In conclusion, this agency can assist you in finding a suitable family, and you'll be sure to have an interesting work and cultural experience. You also have the opportunity to build an amazing relationship with your host family. I would recommend this agency for their professionalism and attention to detail. 


Enjoy your stay ! :)

Jimmy - France

Je suis passé par l'agence Au Pair Care Australia pour travailler comme Au Pair durant 4 mois et demi, et je vous recommande vivement de les solliciter si vous souhaitez faire ce travail.


L'agence est dirigé par deux Australiennes très accueillantes, Kristy et Michelle, pour qui votre bien être est très important. Que vous vouliez faire Au Pair pour améliorer votre anglais, vivre à l'Australienne ou encore gagner un peu d'argent pour poursuivre votre voyage, elles trouveront la famille adaptée à vos objectifs et vos souhaits. Elles vous suivent tout au long de votre travail et sont également très proches des familles qui accueillent. N'hésitez pas à les solliciter avant d'arriver en Australie car elles vous prendront en charge dès votre arrivée à l'aéroport.


En ce qui me concerne, j'étais venu en Australie pour améliorer mon anglais et voyager, j'ai été placé dans une formidable famille à Melbourne. Avec 3 enfants de 12, 14 et 17, j'ai pu pratiquer mon anglais et apprendre énormément sur le mode de vie Australien et sa culture. J'ai passé de super moments avec eux et je n'oublierai jamais cette expérience unique. J'ai également pu trouver un travail secondaire en journée quand les enfants étaient à l'école. 


Les familles sont sélectionnées tout comme vous pour faire parti du programme. Vous n'avez donc aucun risque de faire parti des très mauvaise expériences que vous pouvez voir sur internet.


En conclusion, passer par cette agence vous simplifiera énormément la vie pour trouver une famille, et vous serez certain de trouver une famille adaptée avec laquelle vous passerez un formidable séjour.


Bon séjour ! : )

My time in Australia would not have been anywhere near as easy and amazing without the help of Au Pair Care Australia. The company head hunted me out of the French Alps to come and work with a fantastic family with two 10 year old twin boys. I became one of the family very quickly, meeting so many great people.

Michelle throughout my stay with the family called to check on my situation and that I still enjoyed working with the family and that I was being treated respectfully and not over worked. Getting the job and out to Australia was made extremely simple with the help of Au Pair Care Australia. They gave me all the information I need on visas, police checks and any other questions I had. They worked personally and closely with me and the family to make sure my trip was personal to me and made sure I had the best experience while in Australia.

Without Au Pair Care Australia I would not have experienced the amazing opportunity to work closely with an amazing family who will be in my life forever and I know I always have a base and a person to call while travelling Australia after finishing with the family.

Chris – UK

Becoming an au pair with Au Pair Care Australia was a great experience on so many levels. To begin with, its good to know I would have the security of a roof over my head, a car to drive and a safe place with a nice family on my arrival to Melbourne.


Michelle and the team at Au Pair Care Australia are extremely thorough and friendly, always keeping in contact, which gave me trust and confidence. Throughout my time living with the family, I took great pride and importance in the role of helping with household chores and every day tasks that allows the parent a little time to breath! I also greatly enjoyed and treasured the time spent with the boys. This after all is the main reason for being there and, as a person who had au pairs myself, I understand the responsibility you have and the impact you can make. I fully intend to return and visit the family whenever possible as I feel they will always have a place in my heart.


It was an absolutely fantastic experience for me and one which was a two way street in that, I felt I received as much as I gave. It’s not something to get into lightly but if you do, hopefully your experience will be as wonderful as mine.

Harriet – UK. May 2019

Undoubtedly, I'm so grateful about the experience that I have been living this last months. I owe this to Michelle and her Au Pair Care Australia team for help me to find a lovely and friendly space, and to the family too, for receiving me. After having crossed the ocean and traveled a few months, the idea of work, live, learn and share with a Australian family, as au pair, interested me. Michelle and her team made it easy for me to access the experience, looking for a family that I feel comfortable with and that was how it was. 


Since the first call, followed by the first interview, the family was very patient about the differences in language, habits and cultures that means for me to start with this experience. With that same patient, they taught me about the tasks they were expected of me to do, but more important, we started to share and learn more about this cultural exchange. Accompany the childrens with the school uniforms, lunch boxes, talks on the way to school, video games, videos and songs, sports and movies, was the most enriching for me.


Helping in the house with the ironing and washing, doing my best in the dinner meals (now I know I'm really far from become a master chef haha) and taking care of the lovely pets, allowed everyone to be more relaxed and enjoying at the time of family meeting. From each member of the family I keep the best feelings and memories because they were, and they are, very generous, patients, emphatics, respectful, kind and lovely. T


hey made me feel like at home. I will always be grateful with them for letting me part, for a short period of time, of the family. You have made this trip more beautiful for me. Thanks.

Celina – Argentina. August 6 2019

Awesome au pair agency!
Michelle will help you find the family that matches the most with your personality. If you have any problems with your Host Family or any questions, she will help you very quickly.
I had one of the best experience of my life here in Australia thanks to Au pair Care Australia.
Don't hesitate, it's really worth it ! Enjoy!

Vincent – France. December 13, 2018



I went trough a French agency in France to find a family in my first experience as Au Pair in Australia.
My agency asked me if I would recommend to work with Michelle and her team...YES, I do, definitively!!

I had the opportunity to met Michelle in Paris. She took time for me for a nice chit chat.
She has been very supportive and carrying to help me in my process...
After several months she cared for me about how I felt during Covid situation. She even helped to find a second family in another state. She shared her contacts with me to make it easier....

You can trust her with no hesitation, Michelle and her team are supportive, hard worker and caring!!

Thanks for you work Michelle, I had amazing 7 months in Melbourne.

Eloise – France 2020

The thing I loved was that she was always so kind to us, even when she was not feeling the best.
We often video chatted with her and she made us feel really comfortable and safe.
Normally you would have to pay for a service like hers.
A big, big thank you to you Michelle, for helping us and organising everything with and for us! 💛
from me and my best friend.

Lotte 2018

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