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Benefits of an Au Pair

  • Live in childcare that offers flexibility at an affordable rate. No more worrying about picking up your children by a certain time when a work meeting runs late.

  • Your children will always feel secure knowing who is looking after them and the ratio is based solely of the size of your family.

  • The cost of an Au Pair is affordable as the cost is per family not per child. 

  • You set the schedule for your Au Pair. Every family is different and we understand this. Therefore, through consultation with your Au Pair, you can come up with a schedule that compliments you and your family’s needs.​

  • All of our Au Pairs will be given an information pack to assist them with the smooth transition into your home.

  • Bringing two wonderful cultures together will enhance and enrich both your family and the Au Pair’s experiences.


Host Family Testimonials Australia

Over the past 5 years my husband and I have been lucky enough to have 8 Au Pairs, from Germany, Italy and the UK. By having the Au Pairs living in our home has given us the flexibility to work in our corporate jobs with lots of travelling and social activity. We have found that all of our Au Pairs that we have had have been amazing, our twin boys have always built such an amazing bond with them and it is a sad farewell but knowing we have made life time friendships with them.


Julie – Neutral Bay

We have loved our Au Pair experience, it has allowed our family to have an extra set of hands in a very busy home! Our Au Pairs are the core of the household ensuring that the children are at their activities after school and making sure that they are always fed and watered which is important to 9 year olds and to us.


Frank – Sydney, NSW

To go to Australia as an Au Pair was the best decision of my life! I met my lovely host family with two gorgeous twin-boys. The first time I met them, I felt so welcome and familiar right away, and all my worries were gone. It was my job to look out for them before and after school.


We all did a lot of great things together like going to the beach, to the park or to the zoo. Every time, we had lots of fun, a lot to laugh about, and I was part of this awesome family.

Being an Au Pair in Australia was an incredible adventure and a great lifetime experience. I got to know a different country, culture and people and learnt a lot about myself while finding a second family and home.

Michelle – Germany 

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Au Pair Care Australia
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